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Also called kiln-worked glass,it is a distinct process of forming glass using heat and gravity. Amongst some other methods are pate-de-verre and glass-blowing.

Pieces of glass are cut(’blanks’)to shape and placed over moulds and fired in a kiln.
Various oxides and colouring agents are used,melting either within or on the surface of the glass.The process is permanent.

Tall containers such as vases and wine glasses are beyond the province of this process of forming glass-these are made by blowing out molten glass.

Fused glass has a venerable history-the earliest objects found are those made by the Egyptians and Romans around 2000 BC.The use of this process fell into abeyance and only reappeared with any significance around 1935.
This resurgence was led primarily by small groups of glass artists in Czechoslovakia and a little later in the United States.

The recent renaissance of stained glass led by extension to a great expansion and interest in this field,and many glass artists are now producing dynamic fused works which are greater in size and complexity than hitherto known.

Fused Glasswork

The Signature Line
The Signature Line represents works by the artist that are signed with his full signature and dated.They are of a very high standard - the cream of the crop, so to speak-and meticulous care will have gone into its conception and creation.
  1. Bowls
  2. Sulawesi Series
  3. Wall Plaques
  4. Sculptures

The iNovitrium Range

  1. Bowls
  2. Wall Plaques


Quirky,gothic and unusual are some words used to describe the lamps shown in the following pages.No matter the initial reaction,one thing stays as a constant-that they are all very individual,no two being alike.

They are fashioned from glass,metal and wood,and include semi-precious stones,beach tumbled glass shards, shells, fossils and stone,amongst others.

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Stained Glass from the Studio of Wong Keng Fuan



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